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Yoda-Speak: A Study of Yoda's Speaking Patterns and Frequencies

Origins of Luke's Severed Hand

Original Trilogy Reception 1977-1983 Part II: Interpretation and Analysis

Original Trilogy Reception 1977-1983 Part I: Introduction and the Data

Lost Star Wars Stories: Episodes X-XII

In Tribute to Marcia Griffin

Historical Place-Names in Star Wars

Saving Star Wars: The Special Edition Restoration Process and its Changing Physicality

Writing Indiana Jones: An Analysis of the Raiders Story Conferences

Conversations with Leigh Brackett

Beyond George Lucas: Writers of the Star Wars Saga

Structuring the Prequels: Sequel Construction in Historical Context

Grandfather Skywalker? A Discussion on Anakin's Origins

An Examination of the Release and Reaction of Episode I

Jabba the Hutt: "Wonderful Human Being"

Buying Star Wars

Star Wars Memories

The Turn: A History of the Evolution of Anakin's Downfall

The Magic of Empire: A Visit to the Set of Empire Strikes Back

Sifo-Who? Examining the Mysteries of Attack of the Clones

Deep Ancestry: How a Man in 12th Century Japan Created Star Wars

The Empire Strikes Back 1977 Story Treatment

Beardless George Lucas?

The Birth of Father Skywalker

The Beginning - A Look at the Rough Draft of Episode I

The Republic Revolution

Flashback to 1983 - Return of the Jedi Internet Discussion

A Re-evaluation of the Journal of the Whills Part II

Nature of the Beast: The Making and Unmaking of Greatness

Thoughts on J.W. Rinzler's Making of Star Wars

The Influence and Imagery of Akira Kurosawa

The Visual Development of Darth Vader

A Re-evaluation of the Journal of the Whills


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