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The Jedi Bendu Script Site : Want to read the original drafts for Star Wars? How about the rejection letters that United Artists sent Lucas? What about essays exploring the transformation of characters through the early material? This site has it all, and yes, it is all authentic (most of them were leaked in the late 70's before Lucasfilm security tightened up and have floated the bootleg circuit for a few decades).

Star Wars Origins : A great site to explore the inspirations and sources which Lucas drew upon when writing his saga, from Flash Gordon to Lord of the Rings to Metropolis.

Star Wars Archives: An incredible labor of love dedicated to preserving and archiving rare stills, videos, interviews and more. A wealth of unique and hard to find information that lives up to its name and is an invaluable resource.

Deleted Magic: A mind-blowing fan documentary on the creation of Star Wars, with emphasis on its editing. Contains every available deleted scene, as much behind the scenes footage as there is out there and a partial re-construction of the original "Lost Cut" including the original alternate edit of the trench run.

Originaltrilogy.com: Fight the good fight and get the original-original trilogy released properly. A fantastic community of youngins and old-timers (as diverse as fans who like the prequels to people who saw the original in 1977 and have never even seen the new films) with an emphasis on the original three films. Also well known for its extensive preservation network of vintage video material and fan-edits.

T'Bone's Star Wars Universe : Known best for its extensive section on scenes deleted from the films.

TheForce.Net : The biggest and one of the oldest Star Wars sites, with a great news network, some of the more consistently accurate spy reports on upcoming developments, and probably the biggest forum network of fans.

Outterim Seiges : A great board for those looking for interesting discussion.

Other articles of interest:

"The Force Behind Star Wars" - Rolling Stone's wonderfully revealing 1977 interview with Lucas

"An Interview With Gary Kurtz" - IGN's must-read in-depth interview gives a broadened perspective of Kurtz and and the early days of Lucas

1977: The Star Wars Theatrical Experience - Starwars.com takes you back to a time when traditional theatrical presentation was still an integral part of the movie experience

"Star Wars' Emperor Lucas Speaks" - Lucas humorously reveals what happens to the characters after Episode VI

Episode IV: What has Changed? - Starwars.com goes through every visual change made to the original film since its release (also of interest is the same feature for the two sequels)

May 25th, 1977: A Day Long Remembered - An examination of the original theatrical release plan, with listings of the theaters which screened it that immortal day

Time Capsule: Darth Vader 1980 - Starwars.com tracks the Dark Lord's early appearances from 1977 to 1980.


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