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The Beginning - A Look at the Rough Draft of Episode I

The early drafts of Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi are well documented. We know all of their plots, their differences, their characters, and how they changed and transformed into what ended up on silver screens in 1977, 1980 and 1983. A lot of this insight comes courtesy of The Annotated Screenplays, but even before this we had copies of virtually all the Star Wars drafts, the fifth draft of Empire, and the revised rough draft of Jedi . Fans--nay, scholars, for the research and thought that went into their work could carry no other label--such as Jan Helander and Bjorn and Brendon Wahlberg even wrote extensive papers on this early material, explaining how it changed, transformed and what was contained within these documents. One of the earliest examples of these types of papers was one published in Starlog in July 1987; titled "The Primordial Star Wars" authors Randy and Jean-Marc Loffcier went through the bootlegged early drafts of Star Wars to explain where the story had come from (The Jedi Bendu Script Site hosts this article, which is claimed to have actually been penned as early as 1983).

What is sorely missing, however, is anything like this regarding the prequels. Pale as they might in comparison to the original films, they nonetheless are interesting to examine in their genesis and evolution; I believe I assembled the most comprehensive collection of info in my book but it is clearly less detailed than the original trilogy section. One inhibiting and inherent factor in Episodes I to III is that the story evolved not on paper but in the art department--unlike the originals, Lucas explored story, character and environment through sketches and designs, and only put pen onto paper when he had already thoroughly distilled a fairly specific plan. Revenge of the Sith shows this quite clearly, as Rinzler covers in his Making-of--this terrific book actually gives us the most complete picture of any prequel script evolution. By contrast, Attack of the Clones' remains almost entirely unknown, except for small trivia bits. Again though, it seems as though the early drafts are not too wildly different from the shooting script, from what we can gather.

Episode I is somewhat of an exception. Unlike the two sequels, it began on paper, with ideas explored through writing, and the art department involved much later. It also was granted the freedom to take the story in any direction it pleased, and thus the early material contains elements that are in some cases wildly different.

While we have no actual first-hand copies of any of the early prequel scripts, in the case of Episode I we have a detailed summary of the revised rough draft. This comes courtesy of the 1999 CD-ROM The Episode I Insiders Guide--one of its features was a copy of the final script with annotations about how the rough draft differed. The script was not known as Phantom Menace but was titled The Beginning. Qui Gon did not enter the film until the Coruscant section and so it is mainly the story of Obi Wan Kenobi, an older, full Jedi Knight, who uncovers the invasion of Utapau (Naboo in the film), rescues the queen, lands on Tatooine and recruits a young boy named Anakin Skywalker to become a Jedi. The tone is more mature, and in fact Jar Jar is a more realistic character who speaks normally and is not so over-the-top. In many ways, it is actually superior to the final script. Look out for Darth Maul as well, who is quite vocal in this version.

Below is the collection of annotations from the CD-ROM. These were provided--many years ago now--by another fan whose name I have now forgotten, who transcribed nearly word-for-word from the CD. Enjoy reading the earliest version of Episode I: The Beginning.

Before it was known as "The Phantom Menace," the working title of Episode I was simply "The Beginning." The opening scroll also underwent changes. In the revised rough draft, the scroll reads: "It is a time of decay in the Republic. The taxation of trade routes to the tiny planet of Utapau is in dispute. Hoping to force a resolution with a blockade of deadly Star Destroyers, the greedy Federation of Galactic Traders has cut off all shipping and supplies to the small, peaceful planet. While the Congress of the Republic endlessly debates the alarming chain of events, the Supreme Chancellor has secretly dispatched a young Jedi Knight to settle the conflict...."

The Episode I rough cut screening from 1998--at the time, the film still carried this original title

Naboo is known as Utapau.

It is only Obi-Wan who is sent to investigate the trade dispute. Qui-Gon doesn't appear until much later. Obi-Wan's characterization was essentially what became Qui-Gon in the final film, having many of the same lines and mannerisms.

Obi-Wan is described as being about thirty years old and wears all black.


Daultay Dofine is described as being "short and fat" and the two Neimoidians are flanked by "two tall, thin alien aides and two floating protector droids." Dofine fears meeting with the Jedi, (just Obi-Wan in the revised rough draft), because of the mind tricks he might use to confuse him.

Dofine and Sidious have an argument, resulting in Sidious choking Dofine through the force. He then lifts the Neimoidian from the ground and says to the him, "You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi. Only a Sith Lord can the power of the Force over such great distance..."

The Nemoidians order a droid named GTR-7, one of the droids stationed on the bridge, to use a laser cannon to destroy the Republic cruiser. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan is meditating in the Federation boardroom while he waits for the viceroy. Suddenly, he senses that the Republic cruiser is in danger and contacts them in order to warn them, though the ship is destroyed before they can escape.

Rune Haako knows much more about the Jedi than he does in the film. He warns Gunray that he should probably flee the ship, as the Jedi is probably seeking out the leader of this operation.

Amidala's age is "hard to determine, but she is a young woman." While her planet is called Utapau, the people she rules over are referred to as the "people of Naboo."

The first conversation between Nute Gunray and Queen Amidala is much different. He tries to sow discord among the "people of Naboo." He tells her that the Neimoidians are "reviewing request for aid from the liberation group with your governing council". According to Gunray, the "liberation group" is upset because of Amidala's unwillingness to resolve the blockade through an agreement or treaty. This has resulted in "chaos and starvation" for her people, according to Gunray. Allegedly, this group has asked that the Traders "send in troops to help quell the unrest." Amidala says he is lying and making excuses for an already planned invasion.

The Traders' army descends on Utapau. Included in their invasion force (in this version) are Platoon Attack Craft (PACs), Armored Attack Craft (AACs), and an Armored Command Cruiser (ACC) which carries OOM-9. OOM-9 is assisted by a Commando Leader Captain called 22D-R.

OOM-9 gives this progress report: "We are marching on the city of Oxon. There is no resistance." Oxon eventually became the city of Theed in later drafts.

In the revised rough draft, since it isn't until later in the script that the character of Qui-Gon appears, it is Obi-Wan who rescues Jar Jar. Jar Jar speaks normal English, but is very child-like and emotional.

During their trek to Otoh Gunga, Jar Jar tells Obi-Wan a little about the Gungans, describing them as "a peaceful and kind sort." Despite this, they don't like outsiders, and will likely throw Obi-Wan into prison.

Meanwhile, OOM-9 orders 22D-R to release "remote seekers" to search for Obi-Wan, before the army heads into "Naboo City at attack speed". These remotes are small, floating balls, and one of them enters the lake.

Boss Nass is known as Governor Nass, and he speaks normally just like Jar Jar. Nass agrees to help Obi-Wan contact the Naboo via the Gungan comlink. He pushes a button, and the "entire dome becomes a screen filled with static." After several failed attempts, a Gungan engineer named Zem appears and tells Nass that all outside communications have been disrupted. All throughout the meeting, fish slip through the room's organic wall. A young Gungan is responsible for gathering them up and throwing them through the membrane again.

Nass goes into detail about the core. He says, though it is the quickest way to Naboo, it is dangerous. Also, he adds that a skilled Gungan navigator could navigate the core, but no Gungan has done that in Nass' lifetime. Like in the film Jar Jar is recruited to navigate the core for Obi-Wan.

Before leaving, Obi-Wan spots the seeker droid entering Otoh Gunga and cuts it in half. This causes Obi-Wan to realize that even the security of the hidden city has been compromised.

Jar Jar knows that travel through the core is like having been sentenced to death, and Obi-Wan is forced to drag Jar Jar to the sub. He then uses a mind-trick to convince Jar Jar that they will make it through the core safely. The mind-trick wears off fast, and Jar Jar panics again once they leave the city in the sub. Jar Jar remains convinced that they won't survive the "Core Caves," and likens Obi-Wan's faith in the Force to praying to a god called Nododo.

As they enter into an area known as "the Nocturne", the opee sea killer attacks. During the chase, the sub comes to a three-way fork in the caverns. As they go through the center canyon, the sea killer shoots paralyzing spit balls at the sub. At this point, Jar Jar is piloting the sub, and Obi-Wan is using the Force to keep the Gungan relaxed and calm. Like the final version, the opee grabs the sub with its tongue, but the sando aqua monster arrives and consumes the opee.

The actual invasion of Theed (or Naboo City) is more detailed in the revised rough draft. OOM-9 and his force approach the city undetected. When Nute Gunray gives the order, they launch a full-scale assault.

Sidious reveals that Amidala must have an "unfortunate accident" once the invasion is complete. Gunray doesn't like this idea, as he thinks he will need the Queen to keep the masses in line. Sidious believes the droid army will be enough to control the people. This reflects the method that the Empire later achieves its control over the galaxy.

After the escape from the opee, Obi-Wan gives the controls back to Jar Jar and directs him to pilot the Gungan transport into a dark cave. Once inside, he realizes they have taken the wrong path, and the transport soon begins to lose power. When Jar Jar asks Obi-Wan to fix the transport, Obi-Wan replies that he's "not very good with mechanical things." In spite of this, Obi-Wan is able to restore the power, only to discover that they have been cornered by the colo claw fish. Jar Jar immediately faints, and Obi-Wan retakes control of the sub. As in the film, the sub is able to escape when the sando aqua monster attacks the colo claw fish. After the escape, Obi-Wan revives Jar Jar by gently touching his forehead.

In the scene in which the Queen and company are sent to the camps, Nute and Rune are not physically present, but are represented by holograms. Amidala calls Nute a "little coward."

Obi-Wan reaches the city just before the Trader's army does. He and Jar Jar are met by a curious crowd and a group of Naboo guards escorts Obi-Wan and Jar Jar to the palace. The tension between the Gungans and the Naboo is obvious, as a guard tells Jar Jar he must wait outside. Inside, Kenobi convinces the Queen to flee before the invasion begins.

Amidala insists that the Naboo rulers must warn their people not to fight. While Panaka argues otherwise, Amidala remains adamant that the Naboo can resist the occupation, but not openly challenge the Trader's obviously superior force.

The Trader's army arrives. Continuing to play the point that they are here to help quell unrest, they play over the PA of their vehicles: "Do not resist. We will not harm you. We have only come to help you. We bring you peace."

A group of Naboo Police, which is what the security forces are called in this draft, are completely wiped out when they move to intercept the army.

The Queen's starship is not in a hangar, but instead is hidden beneath a large fountain and rises from the water when needed. According to Panaka, the ship has a cloaking device and a few weapons systems.

There is more racial tension between the Gungans and the Naboo. Amidala tries to prevent Jar Jar from entering her ship. Obi-Wan argues and wins the point, but Amidala insists that the Gungan be kept in the droid hold. Racial prejudice had been considered a factor in the fall of the Republic for a long time. It was mentioned in the second draft of A New Hope, which stated that the founders of the Empire incited race wars.

As seen in some concept art, the Queen's ship has a few gunports, which the Naboo guards use to defend the repair droids. Despite their efforts, all the repair droids except for R2 are destroyed. The droid starfighters even manage to kill some of the gunners by making direct hits on their gunports.

After repairing the shield generator, R2 is bombarded by electrical fields on the hull of the ship. He suffers damaged, but survives. Upon reentering the ship, he begins repairs on the damage hyperdrive. He is again successful, but the ship has lost too much power already to make it to Coruscant.

It is OOM-9 that informs Darth Sidious of the escape. He reveals that five ships attempted to break the blockade, and four were destroyed. Sidious suspects the fifth to be the Queen's ship, and he informs the Neimoidians that he will be dispatching Darth Maul to assist them in finding her.

Upon Tatooine's arrival in the revised rough draft, Obi-Wan - dressed as a moisture farmer - leads the group into Mos Espa since Qui-Gon hadn't appeared at this point. He is accompanied by R2, who carries an inventory of the needed parts. Panaka request that Jar Jar go along because he is "smelling up the ship." Just as in the film, Padme joins the group at the request of the Queen.

There are hints of a Padme crush on Obi-Wan. When Kenobi argued with "Amidala" about Jar Jar on Naboo, Padme was impressed that Obi-Wan was able to stand up to the "Queen". As they enter Mos Espa, she "gives Obi-Wan a long, adoring look." In Mos Espa, Padme watches Kenobi with interest and respect, making Kenobi very nervous.

Padme is well-trained in self-defense. Upon entering Mos Espa, she is grabbed by a creature. She hits the creature, causing it to double over in pain. This attracts the attention of the local merchants, and they clear the way for the entourage. Obi-Wan warns Padme to save her skills until they are truly needed.

When Anakin meets Padme, there is no mention of Jar Jar's clumsy antics with the little droid in the shop. Also in this draft, Anakin announces to Padmé that he will marry her someday.

Anakin's "fear" speech to Jar Jar is intact in the revised rough draft. Unlike the film, here Jar Jar gets into a fight with an "ugly alien," who is later identified as a Dug. Anakin's wisdom concerning Jar Jar's fear reads more or less the same way in this script. Anakin tells Jar Jar that the Dug was "only trying to overcome his fear by attacking, conquering, and squashing" and he tells the Gungan to be less afraid. Obi-Wan asks Anakin who taught him that, and Anakin simply replies: "No one. That's just the way it is."

Keeping in mind that it is Obi-Wan who leads the Mos Espa expedition in the early drafts, the scene at Jira's food stall goes differently. Anakin doesn't have enough money to pay for the pallies. Obi-Wan does, and he buys them and says:

OBI-WAN: The pallies are on me. You've just saved Jar Jar from certain destruction. We should celebrate. It's a small reward for your kindness.
ANAKIN: Kindness is a joy. Why would you reward me for that?
Obi-Wan studies Anakin for a moment.
OBI-WAN: You have old wisdom for one so young.

Shmi's last name is Warka, not Skywalker, and is "a warm, friendly woman of about 50."

When Anakin introduces C3P0 to Padmé and Artoo, he says that he built the droid from "rejected parts" and that he lacks both a voice and coverings. He doesn't talk at all during this scene.

Obi-Wan is obviously not present in the Queen's Royal Starship when Sio Bibble sends the distress hologram. Amidala does send a message in response. Later, Panaka tells Obi-Wan this, and the Jedi says that the transmission could be traced. Panaka insists that the Traders don't have long distance tracking, but Obi-Wan responds with "The Republic does." In this draft, it is obvious that Obi-Wan suspects that the Republic and Trade Federation are somehow connected in this plot.

Sidious and Maul emerge from "a dark, foreboding spacecraft" before conversing. Upon seeing Maul off to Tatooine, Sidious says to him, "May the Force be with you."

"Boonta Eve" is a holiday called "Donic Day."

Shmi is hopeful that the Jedi have actually been sent to free Anakin. While Obi-Wan confesses that this quest has nothing to do with the boy, Shmi gives him a Jedi-like suggestion: "Clear your mind, and you will see the pattern. You are distracted, and maybe not as reflective as you should be."

The dinner occurrences take place differently in the revised rough draft. While Padme, Obi-Wan, Shmi and Jar Jar eat together, Anakin is outside working on the podracer. Padme questions Obi-wan's decision to put their fate in Anakin's hands. She is obviously upset about this, and decides to take Anakin something to eat. While she is gone, Jar Jar says he wouldn't pilot a podracer "for all the spice on Utapau". The dinner discussion turns to Anakin and his abilities. Shmi says, "Anakin has a great skill. He can anticipate everything that is going to happen, and his reflexes are as fast as any living creature…"

Outside, Padmé thanks Anakin for helping them. Anakin admits that he was seeking a way to enter the podrace without losing his vehicle to Watto, who can claim ownership over everything that Anakin possesses. By this reasoning, Anakin displays more unusual wisdom for a boy his age in saying:

ANAKIN: We're helping each other. That's the natural way of things.
Padmé asks Anakin if slavery is natural too.
ANAKIN: Of course not. But the stupidity of many creatures is.

Padmé confesses that she has never met anyone like Anakin. Returning the sentiment, Anakin leans over and gives Padmé a kiss on the cheek. They then watch the sunset together, until Obi-Wan arrives and sends Padmé inside to help Shmi set up the sleeping arrangements.

Here, Obi-Wan takes the opportunity to learn more about Anakin. They begin discussing the race, where Anakin admits that Sebulba is the one thing keeping him from victory on Donic Day. Obi-Wan urges Anakin to concentrate on the moment, and then asks him if he fears or hates Sebulba. Anakin answers no to both questions. Of Sebulba, Anakin says, "He doesn't know he's bad. He is full of pain, and I think he is afraid of me." Obi-Wan says that fear is the root of all evil and the path to the Dark Side. He tells Anakin that "The greatest challenge a Jedi must face is to resist the temptation of fear. The fear of letting go of thing: possessions, friends, yourself… accepting change."

Here, Anakin seems to have little problem accepting change, although he clearly expresses a desire to remain on Tatooine with his mother. Also, in this conversation, Anakin reveals that he has already encountered Obi-Wan in his dreams, where he learned that the stranger was a Jedi.

Maul released three probe droids, one for each the settlements that he sees on the horizons. He programs detailed instructions for each of them before setting them loose.

Just before they depart for the podrace, Padme notices Obi-Wan staring out a window of the hovel.

PADME: You look like you're trying to solve the problems of the universe.
OBI-WAN: Only our own, but maybe they will become the problems of the universe. I don't know...

It appears that Obi-Wan senses that this seemingly small-scale struggle will have larger, darker ramifications for the galaxy as a whole.
Shmi does not watch the race for fear of Anakin's safety. She tells him that she lacks the courage to attend the event, but says to him, "Go with all my love. I'll be waiting here for you."

When Obi-Wan attempts to place the bet with Watto for both slaves, Watto says that the mother isn't for sale. Obi-Wan agrees that only Anakin will be part of the bet, and the chance cube never comes into play.

There is no two-headed podrace announcer. Instead, it is Jabba himself who makes the introductions and commands the race to begin in Huttese.

Jabba introduced each racer by name and planet of original. The planets are of great interest, as many have an important place in Star Wars lore. The lineup is as follows: Sebulba from Malastare; Mawhonic from Hok; Teemto Pagalies from the Moons of Iego; Anakin Skywalker from Tatooine; Clegg Holdfast from Sullust; Slide Paramita from Tund; Wan Sandage from Umboo; Dud Cullindaros from Chuba; Aldar Beedo from Kamar; Bozzie Barada from Kessel; Neva Kee from Aquilea; Marso Guo from Ophuchi; Toy Dampner from New Cov; Boles Roor from Ord Padrove; and Ody Mysturall from Tatooine. Many of these names and planets were changed in later drafts. Aquilea and Ophuchi are both names from early Star Wars drafts, and New Cov is featured in Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy.

As in the film, Watto tries to get out of giving Anakin up to the Jedi in the revised rough draft. Like Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan threatens to report Watto to the Hutts, and also says that if Watto cares for another bet, he will "...put up the boy for his mother." Instead, Watto gives Anakin up to Obi-Wan and leaves.

Shmi tells Anakin,

SHMI: Son, it is time for you to let go...to give me up. I cannot travel this path with you. I've told you, life is a continual transition. You cannot hold time still, stop the sunrise, sunset, or the flow of the Force. Every moment you must let go something...
ANAKIN: But Watto is angry, Mom. You're in danger.

Shmi admits that this is true, but also tells Anakin that he is in danger as well, and that they must each find their own way to survive. She reassures him that they will both be fine.

Threepio still can't speak. Anakin apologizes for leaving him unfinished and says goodbye to the mute droid.

Shmi tells Anakin that he is afraid of losing her. She tells him not to fear, for her love will always be with him.

This draft also includes a scene in which Watto uses a handheld detection device to locate and remove the slave transmitter from Anakin's neck. To remove the bug, Watto "...pulls a trigger, and a loud snap is heard. Watto pulls something out of the handheld and holds up a thumbnail-sized chip. There is a little blood on Anakin's neck." Obi-Wan patches up the wound. Before they leave, Watto says to Anakin, "Enjoy your freedom, boy. Come back someday and visit your Mom."

After Obi-Wan cuts down the Sith probe, he identifies it for Anakin. Anakin responds with: "I thought all the Sith Lords had been destroyed." Obi-Wan tells him that this has been his belief as well.

Obi-Wan and Darth Maul are the ones to duel, and they exhibit much more Jedi powers than do Qui-Gon and Maul in the final film. The two combatants are shown "levitating objects, moving extremely fast, and vibrating to the point of becoming almost invisible." They also leap "over one another in an incredible display of acrobatics". Obi-Wan leaps onto the ship's ramp for escape, much like Qui-Gon in the final film.

Obi-Wan discusses his mysterious attacker with Panaka and Padmé. Obi-wan suspects Maul to be a Sith, though they all agree that the Sith should no longer exist. Panaka questions why a Sith would be working for the Federation, but Obi-Wan suggests that the Federation is working for the Sith. "There is more to this than taking over Utapau..." says Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan isn't worried about the Sith following them once they enter hyperspace, but he believes the Sith must already know their destination. Appropriately, the Sith spacecraft is shown entering hyperspace shortly after the Queen's ship makes the jump.

TC-3 - the protocol droid from the beginning of the film - tells Gunray that he has an "urgent communique" from Darth Sidious. The message is that the Queen is on her way to Coruscant.

The Queen exhibits the same disdain for "strays" as Obi-Wan does in the final film, but to a great degree. Not only is she not pleased with having Jar Jar on her ship, but also feels the same way about Anakin

AMIDALA: Must we pick up every strange creature along the way? Our journey is most serious and perilous. The fate of an entire people is at stake here.
OBI-WAN: I am an agent of the Republic, and the boy falls under the same protection as you.

The Queen concedes the debate.

Qui-Gon Jinn's first scene is here on the landing platform on Coruscant, standing alongside Palpatine and Valorum. In this draft he is called "Quigon Jinn." When describing Jar Jar to Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan describes Jar Jar to Qui-Gon as "a Gungan who has been very helpful to me." In introducing Qui-Gon to his Jar Jar, Obi-Wan says, "He is my mentor and good friend."
Valorum refers to the Republic as "the Republic of Independent Systems."

The Jedi Council consist of only three Jedi Elders: Mace, Yoda, and Ki-Adi-Mundi. Obi-Wan is accompanied by Quigon Jinn, Anakin, and Supreme Chancellor Valorum when he goes to report to them.

The Elders question why Obi-Wan believes it was a Sith he fought. He tells them the warrior was "one with the Force. He had all the training and skill of Jedi...I had no defense. He anticipated every move. His powers were stronger than anything I've ever encountered."

The Jedi Council agrees to test Anakin, but Yoda warns Obi-Wan that, while the boy's existence was foreseen, he is too old and his future is "blank" and dangerous. Qui-Gon takes Anakin to "the tower" for testing, while Obi-Wan stays back with the Elders. Mace Windu tells him, "Anakin will be returned to you after the test. He is your ward now, Kenobi. You realize there is little chance he will be accepted. You must decide what is to be done with him."

This Senate scene occurs directly after the scene on the landing platform. Jar Jar is present in the senate box, but Amidala, Palpatine, and Panaka keep their distance from him.

The Senate proceedings contain a few more elements in the revised rough draft than in the final film. In order to bring attention to his congressional box, Palpatine "presses a button on his desk, and several lights on a very big board behind Valorum light up." Palpatine, his voice broadcast by a "mic droid," demands that the Queen be allowed to address the Senate. The Senator from Malastare objects, citing that motion should be deferred until the vote on Resolution 127 has been completed. Valorum disagrees with the Malastare Senator, prompting that representative to "evoke the Mon order" and call for a "no vote" on the issue. As the senators vote, the results are tabulated on the screen behind Valorum. He then views the outcome and announces, "The nays have it. The issue will be sent to Committee."

In this draft, Valorum is never removed from office in any of these scenes. The Senate proves unable to help the Queen deal with the Federation, and it is revealed at the end of the film that Palpatine has become Supreme Chancellor, although it is unclear how he was able to assume this position.

Anakin's Jedi tests are not actually shown. Instead, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon discuss the tests with him on a landing platform outside Palpatine's apartment. Anakin tells them that he did not understand the tests, to which Qui-Gon replies, "You were not meant to." Obi-Wan then says that the Council will decide if he should be trained after reviewing the results of the tests.

Before returning to Utapau, Amidala, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Palpatine, Panaka, and the handmaiden Eirte discuss strategy. The situation has become desperate, as all government officials have been imprisoned and food and water supplies run dangerously low. Palpatine also fears that some senators will continue to try and block Amidala's appearance before the Senate, thus stalling any action. Qui-Gon tells the Queen that both he and Obi-Wan have been assigned to protect her.

Amidala decides that she and her followers will attempt to retake possession of Utapau. Her plan is to organize the populace and attack the Traders in any way possible. Nearly everyone disagrees with the course of action, including Obi-Wan, who points out that the Naboo are untrained, poorly equipped, and unprepared to fight the droid army. Amidala agrees that her people are not warriors, but that they "must fight if they are to survive."There is no other alternative. Palpatine wants Amidala to stay until the Senate comes to a decision, but Amidala says, "The Senate is full of self-interest and petty squabbling. It is no longer unified by the common goal of justice." She then decides to return to Utapau.

Amidala and Jar Jar have a more in depth discussion about the relations between the Gungans and the Naboo. Neither knows how the rift came about. Jar Jar tells her that he believes that his people maintain their army to protect themselves from the Naboo.

Palpatine tells Valorum of the Queen's plans to take back her planet. Valorum thinks the Queen is "very reckless" in doing this, but Palpatine says that she is merely "bold". Frustrated, Valorum resolves to "force the Senate to take up this issue before it turns into a disaster" for Palpatine and his people. This confrontation with the Senate, however, eventually leads to his removal from office by the end of the story, and Palpatine replaces him.

Maul and Sidious confer after the Queen leaves Coruscant. Sidious orders Maul to follow the Queen to Utapau and "finish it".

SIDIOUS: If you can't destroy the Jedi, avoid them.
MAUL: I have no doubt now that I am stronger than the Jedi. They will be destroyed.

Amidala calls upon Jar Jar during the trip back to Utapau, asking him to take her before Governor Nass. Jar Jar is reluctant to do so because he fears he will be executed, and Amidala promises to offer what little protection she can. Jar Jar only agrees to her request it after Anakin promises to defend the Gungan.

Upon returning to Utapau, the entire Trader's blockade is found still in place. In order to avoid the battleships, Obi-Wan proposes a plan that relies on the Force skills of Anakin. He tells them to "come out of lightspeed between the blockade ships and the planet," which both Panaka and Ric Olie argue is impossible. According to Ric, "The calculations are too infinite even for the most advanced computer."

Obi-Wan believes that Anakin's innate connection to the Force will enable him to "sense the proper moment to come out of lightspeed." Anakin takes the co-pilot's seat and straps himself in. Obi-Wan says to him, "Think of yourself racing...take the controls. We're heading toward a planet... Concentrate. Stop right before the surface."

Anakin closes his eyes and does so. The starship exits lightspeed just above the surface of the planet, and the amazed captain flies the ship into Utapau's atmosphere, using - at Obi-Wan's suggestion - the cloud cover and the cloaking device to conceal their landing.

The Queen's ship heads straight into a Naboo lake and after a short trip, "settles into one of the large, glowing bubbles of Otoh gunga." The entourage is confronted by Gungan soldiers, but they back off when they see the Queen and Jar Jar exiting the ship arm-in-arm.

No meeting takes place in the Gungan sacred place. The Trade Federation's army has yet to discover the city, and Nass is confident that his warriors could repel an invasion. Amidala warns that while the Naboo has allies outside the system to call on for support, the Gungans have none. Nass pauses to think, giving Jar Jar a chance to give the following speech: "I have spent some time with the Naboo. They are like us... in some ways. I have traveled far. I have seen many wonders. We must become a part of the universe. In isolation, we will die." This clinches it. After a moment of consideration, Nass finally agrees to join forces with the Naboo to stop the Trade Federation.

"Padmé" is not present during these scenes. Instead, she is portraying Queen Amidala herself. There has been no hint that any of the handmaidens have been doubling as her so far in the script, but the secret is revealed later when her group meets a small force of Rebels hiding in Theed.

Sidious actually travels to Utapau. He meets with Nute Gunray on a hidden landing platform behind Theed, and tells Gunray that Amidala has returned to her home planet. Gunray assures him that the Queen's ship has been destroyed in a crash, but Sidious remains skeptical.

The heroes plot the battle against the droid army in a Gungan war room. Remember, in this draft, the Queen and company have come to Otoh Gunga. Nearly 20 Gungan generals are present in the war room. Tobler Ceel, the highest-ranking general, reports that he can "field three hundred batallions."

The Gungans also have disruptors and defense shield generators. Although the Gungans have no spacecraft, Panaka tells them that the Naboo can launch fifty squads of starfighters. As in the film, while the Gungans draw the droid army away from the city, Panaka will lead the Naboo police, palace guards, and any freedom fighters he can find to infiltrate the city. There, the troops will capture the main shield generator and support stations.

Before the Gungans and Naboo part ways before the final battle, Jar Jar and Anakin say their goodbyes. "I will miss you," says Jar Jar. "You're a wonder, and most amusing."

Governor Nass then promotes Jar Jar to General, and gives him command of the "fifth barrage." When Jar Jar protests, Nass tells him, "I understand from the Jedi you're a great warrior, Binks. I know you will do your position proud."
The Gungans organize in a large square in Otoh Gunga. It is indicate that the army consists of thousands of Gunga troops wearing battle gear. They use "Cadu", bizarre two-legged creatures as mounts.

Upon receiving the signal from Panaka, Ceel orders Jar Jar to take his troops to the surface. The Gungan army is 10,000 strong in the revised rough draft.

According to Nute, the Gungans are "assembling in the swamp near the Valker border..." He orders OOM-9 to move the army near the swamp's edge.

By the time the Gungans engage the Trader's army, the Jedi and Panaka's forces are positioned on a rocky outcropping overlooking the battlefield. The plan, as revealed here, requires Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon to activate a "shield generator" while Panaka and his troops capture the palace. The deflector shield generator is designed to cover the entire planet and protect ground forces (in this case, the Gungan army) from aerial attacks.

The heroes meet with a small group of "Rebels" prior to the final battle. This meeting takes place in a hidden Rebel headquarters, and is attended by Anakin, R2, Padme, Eirtae, Amidala, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, and Panaka. It is also attended by the Rebel leaders Captain Autter and Captain Ural. During this scene, Padme steps forward and reveals, "The Queen has been using her surrogate on this trip."

In this hidden base's conference chamber, the heroes plan to attack Theed's central hangar and reclaim their starfighters. During the meeting, Anakin suggests that the freedom fighters find a way to disable the central control system that broadcasts commands to the Trader's droid army. According to Panaka, this course is unwise. He says, "The main control is in one of the orbiting blockade ships."

Also, Panaka reveals that the Trader's have a hidden backup system somewhere in Theed. He says, "It would be impossible to knock out both systems."

After this meeting, Anakin and R2 enter the droid storage area within the hidden base. Here, they discover several Trader's droids that have been disable by the Rebels, and R2 removes a chip from a droid's severed head. Anakin and the droid then use this chip to locate the "main droid controls", which are hidden in a command spacecraft parked on a nearby platform. Armed with this new info, Anakin and R2 slip away from the Rebel base.

When the droid army begins penetrating the Gungan shields on foot, General Ceel warns his troops, "Their heavy armor will come through first. Position the disrupter rays to knock out the gravity pulses."

The disrupter rays, emitted from devices carried by the fambaas (the giant, dinosaur-like creatures seen in the final film), cause the approaching Traders' tanks to crash.

When Anakin and R2 finally make their way to the secret central hangar, they find it well-defended by battle droids. After contemplating the situation, Anakin tells R2, "Wait here for my signal, then send a flare down the street toward those fuel tanks."

He then moves quietly towards one of the hangar's entrances. Once in place, he motions his hand, and R2 fires a flare from his domed head. A huge explosion erupts in one of the side streets, and the droid guards rush to investigate. Anakin uses this to sneak into the hangar.

Elsewhere, realizing that his ward has disappeared, Obi-Wan begins searching for Anakin in the base. Qui-Gon says to Obi-Wan, "We don't have time for him now."

Meanwhile, as Anakin infiltrates the hangar, he finds it housing a vast array of Naboo starfighters, as well as a row of Traders' "transports that look similar to the Millennium Falcon". Anakin makes his way to these transports, being careful to avoid the remaining personnel. R2 continues to launch flares into the hangar, which ricochet and disrupt the guards. When the battle droids come looking for the culprit, R2 falls into a junkheap and pretends to be out of service. Anakin has entered into a computer room inside the Traders' starship. He pulls a panel from one of the consoles and begins replacing the computer's chips. However, the Traders will only resort to this backup system aboard this transport if the main controller aboard one of the blockade ships is somehow destroyed.

After exiting the ship, Anakin and R2 are cornered by battle droids, led by a "sergeant" named 2-17B. As the droids escort Anakin to a holding area, and explosion distracts the Traders' forces. Anakin then leaps onto the back of the nearest droid, knocking him into the next droid, who falls onto the next droid, and ultimately creating a domino effect. The droids wind up in a large heap. Anakin learns that the mysterious explosion was cause by the group of approaching freedom fighters. Obi-Wan is in this group, and he immediately expresses anger to Anakin over his choice to go solo.

Obi-Wan says to Anakin: "You are not following the obedient path of a Jedi..." Despite this scolding, Obi-Wan recognizes Anakin's ability and allows him to participate in the battle later.

Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon rush to raise the planetary deflector shield in an effort to protect the Gungans from aerial assault. They are successful, and Obi-Wan breathes a sigh of relief. "I hope we were in time..." he says.

But just then, an evil figure emerges and says, "...In time to meet your own destruction." The Sith ignites his lightsaber (which only has one blade in this revised rough draft), and a fierce battle begins.

There is a Gungan general named "Yoss". As the Gungans wait at the edge of the swamp for the Jedi to activate the shield generator, Yoss warns that the army should move out of into the open plains before the Traders' army reaches their position, and thus destroys the swamp in the ensuing conflict. However, General Ceel maintains that they should hold until the shield has been raised. Otherwise, the Gungan army will be decimated.

Jar Jar is an intentional hero during the battle. He leads his troops with courage and displays quick-thinking. At one point, Binks finds himself face-to-face with a destroyer droid. Jar Jar reaches for his pistol, but the weapon is knocked from his hands before he can fire it. The Gungan resorts to grabbing a handful of mud and throwing it at the droid's single eye. While the destroyer is blinded, Binks makes his escape.

As indicated earlier, Obi-Wan and Padme agree to allow Anakin to participate in the battle. Padme invites Anakin and R2 to join her in 2-person starfighter. While Anakin familiarizes himself with the controls, Padme flies them into the battle. But, when Anakin spots the massive Traders' Star Destroyers, Anakin voices his doubts about the attack. Padme says, "We will disable them or drive them off. If we don't our ground forces will not succeed..." When Anakin asks her how such a feat is possible, she replies by telling him that they will rely on faith.

Before the Jedi even activate the planetary defense shield, they encounter a detail of about fifty battle droids guarding the installation. This detail is also supported by several transports and armored attack craft. When the Jedi approach, Kenobi boldly confronts the leader of the unit, a droid named 4G-TU. As a representative of the Republic of Independent Systems, Obi-Wan invokes Senate Measure 12-38 and declares the invasion an "unlawful occupation". He orders the battle droids to lay down their weapons, and return to their ships. Of course, the droids are uncooperative and open fire, but the Jedi ignite their lightsabers and deflect the shots. In the crossfire, the Jedi are able to reflect some of the laserfire into a nearby attack vehicle, and it explodes. When Darth Maul sees this, he immediately moves to stop them.

In order to defeat the Trader's army, Padme and Anakin realize that they must first find and destroy the battleship responsible for emitting the signals to the droid army. When Trader's starfighters surround the Naboo starships, Anakin realizes that this situation is extremely dangerous.

When Ric Olie spots Anakin's starfighter, he does not know that it is piloted by a young boy. Instead, he calls the ship "Rogue Two" and orders Anakin to "form up". When he question's the pilot's identity, Anakin tells Ric that he is just "someone trying to help".

The duel that takes place in the shield generator complex has a near identical locale as the film (catwalks and all). However this installation does not have the laser gates which become vital late in the duel in the film version.

Qui-Gon confronts Darth Maul alone when Obi-Wan is pushed off the gantry. As Kenobi hurries to rejoin the fight, the energetic Maul quickly wears down Obi-Wan's mentor. Eventually, Qui-Gon slips and is cut down. Obi-Wan and Maul then clash in the complex. Battle droids attempt to enter into the facility and aid Maul, but Kenobi uses the Force to "slam the door shut, crushing several droids in the process". Throughout the battle, the two warriors use the Force to hurl objects at one another. Eventually, the battle droids do make their way into the facility. Distracted by these new arrivals, Obi-Wan is nearly killed by Maul. "You're finished, Jedi," says Maul, "and this is the beginning of the end for all Jedi."

When Maul attempts to cut Obi-Wan in half, the Jedi leaps right into the midst of the battle droids.

Soon afterwards, Padme and Anakin destroy the primary droid control ship, and the battle droids in the generator area begin running into the walls.

As Maul wades through the droids, cutting them down in his quest to kill Kenobi, the Jedi uses the Force to hurl droids at his enemy. Finally, they stand face-to-face.

OBI-WAN: Your style of fighting is old, but I understand it now.
MAUL: You learn fast.
OBI-WAN: You don't bother to learn.
MAUL: I don't have to.

Before Maul can act, Kenobi lashes out and cuts the Sith warrior in half. He studies his fallen enemy and says: "Learn not...live not, my master always says."

Meanwhile, Anakin and Padme spot on heavily-armed battleship, and believe it to be the command ship. They prepare to attack the pilot's tower, but the tower's deflector shields prove incredibly strong. Padme orders two pilots, Teeter and Potts, to attack the ship's shield generator. They are successful in damaging the shields. Then, while Anakin pilots the ship, Padme serves as gunner. Despite the heavy flak surrounding them, Padme remains focused on her objective. As the deflector shield fluctuates, she fires several missiles, which destroy the control tower and cause the chain reaction that obliterates the command ship.

With the primary command ship disabled, Gunray immediately orders his followers to activate the backup droid command ship. Moments after he gives the order, Panaka and his troops surround the Viceroy. Because Anakin has previously replaced all the battle droid commands, the Traders' troops begin running in circles, bumping into walls, and falling over.

It is really unclear as to how Palpatine became Supreme Chancellor in the revised rough draft. Padme merely addresses him this way at the end of the story, with no explanation.

There is no dissent among the Jedi to train Anakin in the revised rough draft. Immediately after Qui-Gon's funeral, Yoda calls the boy forward. Mace Windu announces, "The Council has decided to allow young Skywalker to be trained as a Jedi." At Windu's command, Anakin kneels, and each Jedi comes forward to touch the boy's forehead. When he stands, there are tears in Anakin's eyes.

Yoda and several other Jedi arrive to mourn Qui-Gon's death. Padme expresses her sympathies, but Yoda says, "A Jedi he was. One with the Force is he now." Moments later, the funeral pyre is lit.

Gunray and Haako are forced to be present at the victory parade. Standing in front of the royal viewing platform, they are in chains, surrounded by Gungan guards. Amidala doesn't hand over a "Globe of Peace" to Governor Nass, but it is clear that the Naboo and Gungans have settled their differences.


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